Volvo FL -06

Pre-wired and complete with 4 spotlight clamps
, the Trux X-light allows four (4) extra lights to be mounted with concealed wiring. An extra bonus is the special designed foot step allowing the wind shield to be easily reached and cleaned efficient, without use of an extra ladder.

X-Light complete with fittings: Ready wired for 4 lights and 4 clamp fittings are included

Lights not included

Light Bar:
separate with fittings

Light bar
Trux Light bar is perfect for vehicles equipped with snow plough or other front attached accessories. On the high positioned light bar, the plough lamps can be attached as a replacement for the originally mounted lights when clearing snow. Trux Light bar allows extra lights to be attached to the vehicle in a flexible and efficient way.

Lights not included

with fittings

Lights not included

On a Trux Top-bar a number of different type light sources can be attached such as extra lights, hazard lights and Roof signs. Trux Top-bar gives you the ultimate flexibility allowing you to complement over time and in accordance with your upcoming needs and preferences.

Optional Accessories
NEW!  Trux Top-bars are now available with 5 front facing LEDs and 2 side facing LED marker lights.  The Trux Top-bar can be supplied with a wiring harness for 2, 4 or 6 lights for an additional cost.  Other accessories available are spacing tubes, a roof bar and a catwalk with fittings.

K1-6 X-Light Standard Price for
You Pay 607.20

H11-6 Light Bar for FL
You Pay 327.25

G11-6 Top-bar for FL
You Pay 337.40

G1-6 Top-bar for FL6 & FLC
You Pay 337.40

H1-6 Light Bar for FL6 & FLC
You Pay 269.75


Front Protection complete with fittings: Fittings for frame, screws and tool key

B1-6 OFFROAD for FL (00-) and FL6 (91-)  / FLC (96-)
Phone 01527 919996 for Pricing or e-mail

Volvo FL-06_OR

B1-6 OFFROAD for FL6 (91-96) (Different Mounting Kit)
Phone 01527 919996 for Pricing or e-mail

B1-5 OFFROAD for FL6 (Pre 91)
Phone 01527 919996 for Pricing or e-mail


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Trux Offroad is designed with a belly clearance, making it advantageous to mount on Trucks for forestry and plant work.

The Offroad Bar is supplied in the traditional smooth aluminium profile. We can also supply it sandblasted for no extra charge if you intend to paint it.

Optional Accessories
We can supply all front protectors with a wiring harness for 4 spotlights complete with 4 spotlight clamps for an additional cost.


15902 Spotlight Clamps
You Pay 18.60 Each


15902 Spotlight Clamps
You Pay 18.60 Each


Official UK Distributors of Trux Light Bars


All prices displayed in GBP and Exclude VAT.