Trux Highway

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Trux Highway

The Trux Highway is our most popular front protector, and can be seen today on thousands of vehicles around Europe. Most applications are available in smooth aluminium or airflow (ribbed aluminium).

The Trux Highway protects the whole of the front.  The lower part acts as front under run protection and gives your truck a personal touch.  When cleaning your windscreen you can use it to climb on.

The Trux Highway can be pre-wired for 4 lights, LEDs and warning lights can be pre-wired in also.

The bars can be supplied as standard in anodised aluminium, sandblasted ready for painting or you can have them painted to your specification (paint code required).

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All Aluminium

The unique properties of aluminium combine strength and flexibility together with environmental factors which, in addition to their low weight, create strong, flexible products that are uniquely tailored for the manufacture of each truck.


Front protectors from Trux reduce damage and part replacement can be kept to a minimum. Experience shows that trucks which have Trux front protectors benefit from lower damage costs and also only require relatively short downtime (or even none at all) following collisions or other accidents.

Quality & The Environment

Trux work to achieve the highest quality both in terms of their products and in their everyday work – regardless of the job in hand, and with a high level of customer focus as a prerequisite. Just as important is ensuring their work is environmentally-friendly and also maintaining a good working environment. In order to ensure they work in a correct and systematic manner, Trux are certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 | ISO 9001:2008 | OHSAS 18001:2007.

What our customers think

At TranzTech we only fit high quality products and we’ve been buying Trux bars from Lightbarsdirect since we started the business – the service we get from Daniel is great.  He knows the product, knows what we need and supplies them in good time.

Shaun Plumb, Co-Owner - TranzTech Ltd

Truck Customising Specialists