You sell metal front protectors in the UK, I thought these were now prohibited?

Metal front protectors are only prohibited on vehicles that are under 3.5 ton, all Trux front protectors have been safety tested and are completely legal throughout Europe.

I would like to paint my bar, is this possible?

As standard all Trux bars are supplied in anodised aluminium.  On request we can provide your bar sandblasted ready for painting (no additional charge).  Trux will also paint your bar to a specific paint code (additional charges apply, price is dependant on the paint code).

Can my bar be Pre-wired?

All Trux bars are available Pre-wired for spotlights, they can also be factory fitted with round LEDs and/or warning lights, additional charges apply.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Because of the bespoke nature of the bars we do not keep stock but order on a weekly basis from Sweden.  Anodised or sandblasted bars take on average 10 working days, for painted bars the lead time is usually around 3-4 weeks.