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Hella K-LED Rebelution Rotating Style 3 Bolt Beacon

2RL 455 256-001

£135.00 Exc. VAT


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Any vehicle

Innovation and change – that’s what the K-LED Rebelution beacon stands for. Light has been refashioned, and technology developed further: With its minimalist light exit area this revolutionary design is setting new standards in the beacon market.
The most striking feature of the K-LED Rebelution is its unique and unconventional design. It manages without a classical dome and impresses with its discreet, futuristic styling. At only 60 mm in height and 149 mm in diameter, the beacon is extremely compact in size, so making ideal for vehicles subject to a height restriction.

The specially developed LED technology of the K-LED Rebelution enables a permanently visible warning signal to be produced for the first time when the lighting function is rotating, as well as an even stronger circumferential signal. The rotating light creates a 360° warning effect without any dazzle. It is particularly suitable for use in urban areas and for continuous operation on building sites and allows hazardous situations to be detected in good time.

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